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Creating Something Special...

Tsunga Creative is a unique business in Hampshire that will allow anyone to own original art.


It was founded by Ellen, a Loughborough University undergraduate in Fine Art, after she became dissatisfied with the mass selling of prints, creating an arguable devaluation of art.


Through Tsunga Creative, Ellen aims to bring back the importance of client vision and create artworks that simply cannot be found anywhere else. 


By offering completely bespoke commissions, we are putting the power in the client's hands to have their artistic vision realised. 

What Sets Me Apart From The Rest?

Ever since I could hold a pencil, I've always found my art roaming in the realm of identity. From drawings of eyes in my childhood through to videos of senses in my university degree. In each of the projects I've undertaken is the need to communicate with the psyche.


I've attempted to do this in varying forms both traditional and digital; each medium offering varying degrees of success. 

It is not my goal to create photo-realistic artworks. Instead, it is to create works with a message or meaning; artworks which are judged for their ability to leave an emotional impression and question.


It isn't my intention to be exact to a reference but to emulate a likeness including a sense of what cannot be seen, essences of a character, for example.

With each piece that I make, I wish to evoke and affirm a soul.


I still have a lot to discover about identity and learn why that word is so prominent in my mind.


Each suggestion as to figuring out why realises itself as my art. 



Thank you for getting in touch!

E-mails will be answered within 1-3 business days. 

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